We could not perform the valuable work that we do without the help of our funders. Below is a list of these groups and links to their respective website which provides more information.

The Alberta Paraplegic Foundation

The Alberta Paraplegic Foundation funds research related to spinal cord injury and the development of rehabilitation, wheelchair sports and awareness programs.
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The Rick Hansen Institute

The Rick Hansen Institute is committed to accelerating the translation of discoveries and best practices into improved treatments for people with spinal cord injuries.
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The Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation

The Foundation works with consumers, researchers, practitioners, policy and decision makers to create not only a research agenda but also knowledge mobilization agenda to create the necessary changes to reduce and/or eliminate this devastating injury and to improve the quality of life for those Ontarians living with a neurotrauma injury.
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Implementation Science Consultants

The Spinal Cord Injury Knowledge Mobilization Network (SCI KMN) is invested in translating the best available practices in Spinal Cord Injury research to clinical practice. To ensure that these practices are implemented with fidelity, we are utilizing the evidence-based principles of Implementation Science. The National Implementation Research Network (NIRN) has provided consultation for the application of their Active Implementation Frameworks and tools SCI KMN has adapted these to the Canadian Healthcare environment to structure implementation of SCI best practices.

National Implementation Research Network

The mission of the NIRN is to contribute to the best practices and science of implementation, organization change, and system reinvention to improve outcomes across the spectrum of human services.
National Implementation Research Network NIRN

Related Sites

The SCI KMN is closely affiliated with other online resources that share the ultimate goal of improving Spinal Cord Injury care across Canada. We will continue to work in a concerted effort with these groups to ensure that efficiencies towards this goal are enhanced and redundancies are reduced. Below is a list of these groups and links to their respective website which provides more information:

Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Evidence

SCIRE is a Canadian research synthesis project funded by: The Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, The Rick Hansen Institute and other generous providers. Together scientists, clinicians and consumers synthesized evidence-based literature from a comprehensive set of topics relevant to SCI rehabilitation and community re-integration. As a result, SCIRE reviews, evaluates and translates existing evidence-based literature into a clear and concise format to inform health professionals and other stakeholders of best rehabilitation practices following SCI.
Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Evidence SCIRE



A ‘bottom-up’ SCI educational module that provides information about: the anatomy and physiology of SCI patients, the types and levels of spinal cord injury and how SCI can affect the body. It also provides information about treatment that is available for SCI patients at trauma centres, acute care hospitals and rehabilitation hospitals. This website and its modules will be integrated into SCI KMN affiliated rehabilitation sites as a component of the Pressure Ulcer Patient Education Practice and subsequent domains in the future.


The Health Council of Canada

The Health Council of Canada is an independent national agency that reports on the progress of health care renewal. The Council provides a system wide perspective on health care reform in Canada, and disseminates information on innovative practices across the country to help strengthen the health care system for all Canadians.


The Health Council’s blogspot includes guest blogs based on the Council’s reporting themes, often associated with specific Council projects or activities. Dr. Richard Riopelle, ONF's Chief Research Officer, was given the opportunity to provide his input on the Health Council’s Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) Video Series and how it relates to the SCI KMN agenda, specifically filling the CPG production-utilization gap.
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