Pain Management

The exploration phase is already underway for the Pain domain. The current literature includes a variety of clinical practice guidelines, systematic reviews and randomized controlled trials that suggest a spectrum of practices in pain management in SCI and/or neurotrauma. Thus, the network created a sub-committee to synthesize available literature to share with the network stakeholders for review in the Delphi  activity.

The Delphi sub-committee developed a prototype of a Clinical-Decision-Support-Tool to organize the available information in a clinically intuitive web-based interactive algorithm. This streamlined the work of the Delphi activity and helped our stakeholders to prioritize the best-practices in pain management for SCI.

A working group, comprised of pain experts and knowledge mobilization specialists, has been tasked with operationalizing the two best-practices selected in the Delphi activity. We will provide more details about this once the operationalization process has been completed.